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Bitcoins: The Currency of The Future?

April 12, 2014

More often than not we make purchases less with physical money (coins and bills) and more via electronic means (credit card, electronic transfer, PayPal). But what if our future money was all digital? Welcome to the world of Bitcoins. But what exactly is a bitcoin? How can you get and use it? Who accepts them? And is it even legal? This show Michael S. Robinson delves into this cryptocurrency with guests Anders Brownworth Principal Engineer at Circle Internet Financial and Alex Likhtenstein owner of EVR NYC, a gastro lounge accepting Bitcoins. But first up with tax day around the corner Michael talks last minute tips with tax attorney Jack Trachtenberg.

New & Innovative Businesses

April 19, 2014

"The pace of technological advances is changing the face of our economy. New companies that would not have been feasible as little as five years ago are sprouting up and gaining traction. And with these new companies come the requirements of a new job force with different skills than the ones from 'old tech' jobs. While climbing out of this last recession, finding a job now requires being able to adapt and reinvent yourself to keep up with these new advancements. This week Michael S. Robinson looks at new and innovative businesses and what they mean for the future of our economy. He talks with Alex Dodge, co-founder of Brooklyn Research and Tal Eidelberg, Founder & CEO at Intrigma. Plus musical guest jazz/soul singer Ozara Odé!

The Sustainable Supply Chain

April 5, 2014

The cycle from getting raw materials, transporting them to a manufacturing plant, producing a product, transporting the product to store shelves, us buying the product and then ultimately disposing it has an impact on our environment. Companies that have a sustainable supply chain policy can help to lower that environmental impact. We, as consumers, wield a great deal of responsibility and power. We take a step when we buy from and support companies that have good practices. This week Michael S. Robinson talks about the Sustainable Supply Chain: what it is and how it can can impact your business. He'll be talking with: Dr. Kevin Lyons, Assistant Professor at Rutgers University; Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness at EILEEN FISHER; & Alisa Gravitz, President and CEO of Green America.

The Business of Staffing

April 26, 2014

The staffing industry is a $130 billion industry and growing. In large corporations as much as 20% of their workforce is made up of contingent workers. With numbers such as thees just what a staffing service provide and why do companies utilize them? As Founder & CEO of New York Staffing Services Michael S. Robinson knows the business quite well and this week leads the discussion about the Business of Staffing with his guests Cecilia Good, Vice President Sales & Marketing; Emanuel Naftaliyev, Regional Manager both from NY Staffing Services.

The Competitive Edge

March 22, 2014

What does it take to be a winner? What do you need to do to take your business and yourself to the next level? How can you find The Competitive Edge? This week Michael S. Robinson, along with his co-host Dr. Randal Pinkett, tackle the issue and help you find that competitive edge. Later on in the show he talks with Emmy award winning producer, A. Curtis Farrow!

The Organizational Culture

March 29, 2014

Organizational Culture is usually thought of as corporate culture, i.e. something that applies to large companies. But this is not really true and by defining and nurturing an organizational culture it can help form a cohesive working environment that can affect the bottom line. It will shape the hiring process, the way all employees work towards a common goal and affects customer service gaining you new customers and keeping your current ones happy. Michael S. Robinson tackles this issue with his co-host Dawn Henning, Vice Chair National Minority Business Council and guest Frank Savage, CEO at Savage Holdings. Musical guest this week is contemporary saxophonist Michael Lington.

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