Small businesses are the number one job creators in this country.Why does the  government treat them as an afterthought?

How can we build a better infrastructure to support small businesses?

For every one hundred pennies generated from our GDP, almost sixty cents comes from small businesses.

One Hundred Pennies was written to shed light on just how valuable small businesses are to a healthy U.S. economy. Author Michael S. Robinson has more than twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur, building corporations, hiring thousands of employees over the years and successfully navigating his company through difficult economic times. One Hundred Pennies outlines the economic problems that stagnate our economy and provides basic solutions that will get our nation back on track.

"great insight on understanding what small businesses need in order to grow, adapt to the changing world, hurdles they face and how to grow a stronger economy with them"

"...brings to light the need for real change in order to move this economy forward"

"His 20 plus years of experience as a business owner will help you achieve your goals. A must read."

One Hundred Pennies

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Almost sixty cents out of every 100 pennies in our GDP comes from small business. So why are small businesses seemingly an afterthought?

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