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Ageism in the Workplace

May 10, 2014

Having a professional lifetime with a single company is passé. In the drive better efficiency, higher productivity and fresher ideas many companies are looking to hire younger people. So where does that leave the older generation, people in there 40s, 50s and older looking to remain revelant? This week Michael S. Robinson holds a discussion about Ageism in the Workplace with his guests: author & employment law attorney Donna Ballman; author & Forbes contributing editor Kerry Hannon; CEO/President of NMBC John F. Robinson. (52 mins. 51 secs.)

The Business of Broadway

May 17, 2014

There's no business like show business! The the glitz and glamour shine brightly on Broadway but what makes this all work? Who are the poeople behind the scenes? And what does it take to make it there? This week Michael S. Robinson takes a peek behind the curtains and looks at the Business of Broadway with his very special guests Tony award winning actress Randy Graff and the producer of Kinky Boots Hal Luftig! (52 mins. 51 secs.)

The Changing Landscapes of Corporations

May 3, 2014

The march of technology along with the Internet has allowed businesses of all sizes to expand their social reach to places they hadn't forseen ten years before. But along with that expansion also came a detachment from the end user. Phoning has given way to e-mailing, supplier relationships is done via websites, and displaced workers can't find new jobs because of lack of skills. And what about the social responsibility of corporations? How should they deal with employees, customers and suppliers in this new landscape? With co-host Cecilia Good VP of sales at New York Staffing Services, Michael S. Robinson tackles these and other issues with his guests: Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes and author; Jeffrey Sharlach, Chairman and CEO; & Priya Raghubir, Professor of Marketing at NYU. (52 mins. 43 secs.)

Start-up NY: What it is, What it's not

May 31, 2014

Companies are outsourcing jobs to states with lower taxes and less burdensome regulations. In response Governor Cuomo has initiated a program called Start-Up NY which creates 100% tax-free zones for new and expanding businesses. Sounds good. But is it? Will it really create new jobs, help businesses and expand business opportunities? This week Michael S. Robinson leads the conversation about Start-up NY - What it is and what it is not with his guests: Kenneth Adams, President/CEO & Commissioner of New York State Department of Economic Development; Senator Martin Golden, 22nd Senate District; Kevin Scott Hall, author/director/producer.

The Health Of Our Nation's Economy Today

June 7, 2014

The economy is about you and me. It is huge and complex and interconnected and at it's heart is the driving force of the consumer. Take a example: person loses job so they buy less which leads to lower sales at the local store so they can't hire as much which leads to greater unemployment in the community. And of course an unemployed person pays less taxes which means the government has to fund itself via borrowing which leads to higher deficits. The whole chain began with the consumer. This week Michael S. Robinson takes a look at the Health of Our Nation's Economy. He'll lead the discussion with guests: Keith Hall, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center; Roy Epstien, adjunct professor of Finance at Boston College; Amity Shlaes, adjunct associate professor of economics at NYU's Stern School. (52 mins. 45 secs.)

You're Fired! Now What?

June 14, 2014


It's an unfortunate reality that at some point you may lose your job. For whatever reason - economic slowdown, a restructuring, wrong cultural fit - you've been let go. Fired, laid off, terminated, downsized whichever word is used to describe the process you now longer have a job. Now what happens? If you think you were wrongly let go, do you have legal recourse? Should you throw a tantrum? And what abut the now ex-employer, what are your responsibilities? This week Michael S. Robinson tackles this thorny issue with his co-host employment attorney & career strategist Alan L. Sklover and guest employment blogger Alison Green.

You're Fired! Now What? - MSR Show
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