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Key Components to Capitializing on Marketing

March 8, 2014

Part of coming up with a solid business plan means having a solid markeeting strategy. Successful markeeting creates a positive experience around your product, builds your brand and keeps the customer coming back. This week Michael S. Robinson talks about markeeting with social media strategist Ted Rubin and professor of marketing at NYU's Stern School Priya Raghubir. And to start off he talks with Anika Larsen, star the Broadway show Beautiful: The Carole King Musical!


The Power To Win

February 22, 2014

Winning isn't always about coming out on top or being the first. Winners are individuals who have the guts and courage to go after their dreams by taking a chance. Michael S. Robinson provides six tips towards unleashing the power to win as he talks with his guests Frank Scaturro, attorney & GOP candidate for New York's 4th Congressional District, former shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks & motivational speaker Walter Bond and musical guest Leon Timbo!

12 Steps for Launching Your Business

February, 15 2014

Starting a business is never an easy prospect. You can expect to face uphill battles and run into unforeseen hiccups but the more you are prepared beforehand, the easier you'll be able to manage the bumpy road of your endeavor. Dovetailing with last weeks show on creative funding sources for your business, Michael S. Robinson along with his guest The Small Biz Lady Melinda Emerson, provide you 12 Steps for successfully launching your business.

Creative Funding for Your Business

February 8, 2014

Have an idea for a business or service? Need to grow your existing business? It all requires access to capital. This week Michael S. Robinson along with his guest serial entrepreneur and angel investor David S. Rose discuss alternate methods of funding your venture.

Empower Your Workforce

March 1, 2014

While today's businesses are busy contending with a still sluggish economy, competition from emerging markets and wading through government regulations they often lose sight of a very important asset: their employees. This week Michael S. Robinson leads the discussion into empowering your workforce and cultivating a healthy organizational culture with his guests: Steve Forbes, Chairman & Editor-In Chief of Forbes Media; Paul Gustavson & Stewart Lift authors of "A Team of Leaders"; and Paralympic Medalist Blake Leeper!

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