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Know Your Product, Know Your Customer

February 1, 2014

Know your product, know your customer. It seems simple but most businesses that fail suffer from not understanding these two core principles and losing sight of what the customer wants. This Michael S. Robinson, along with his guest Lisa Ascolese Owner/CEO of Inventing A to Z, continues with his series offering guidance to new entrepreneurs.


How to Avoid 4 Fatal Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

January 25, 2014

Without entrepreneurs we do not have an economy. When an entrepreneur is successful they pay taxes and create jobs which help drive consumer spend and support the overall economy. But not all new businesses are successful and this week Michael S. Robinson talks about how to avoid 4 fatal mistakes many entrepreneurs make. He holds a discussion with guests: Dr. Randal Pinkett, Winner of season 4 of The Apprentice & Chairman/CEO of BCT Partners; Marty Zwilling, CEO of Startup Professionals; and Patty Azzarello, Founder/Owner at Azzarello Group.

Becoming Indispensable in 2014

January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! With a fresh new year ahead now is is a good time to talk about job security and being successful in 2014. What can you do to not only keep your position but move ahead? Michael S. Robinson provides Seven Tips for Making Yourself Indispensable as he leads a discussion with guest Deidra Jenkins of Del Monte Foods and answers caller questions in this installment of his Footnotes to the Employer’s Manual.

2013 Show Recap

December 28, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, Michael S. Robinson recaps the year. With co-host, Cecilia Good, VP of sales & marketing at New York Staffing Services and guest Vivian Giang, Careers & Strategy Reporter at Business Insider he covers topics of this past year, talks about being an entrepreneur and offers advice for 2014 and the future.

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