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Empowerment Speaker

An award winning host and guest speaker, MR motivates audiences from stagnation to self-awareness. His lectures are innovative, thought provoking and self empowering; with a theme that flows concentric to finding solutions, not to be myopic and consumed by the problems.  He believes in the philosophy that you can change your world by the way you think, act and navigate the course of life.  Complacency is a choice so make the most out of life’s journey by removing yourself from situations that are not working which challenges you to higher ideals. The mechanics of MR’s thoughts are based on redeveloping oneself through transformation of perception and observing critical issues as to how they are interrelated.

Talk Show Host


The Michael S. Robinson Show (#MRSHOW) is a weekly wake up call. Every Saturday at 10 A.M. Eastern Time, MR and his guests incite lively conversations about the actionable measures needed to steer our economy down “Progressive Avenue.” A cutting-edge talk hour, MRSHOW aims to educate its listeners, raise awareness about the important economic issues and give voice to small businesses and the public as they face this tough economy and jobs crisis. At its core, MRSHOW puts the country’s complex economic issues into simple terms and provides the tools and tips its listeners can use to enhance their daily lives.



Michael S. Robinson (MR) is the Founder, President and CEO of New York Staffing Services and Microbin Inc., enterprises renowned nationwide in the staffing industry and Workforce Capital Management of contingent workers. With over twenty-five years of successful private-sector entrepreneurship he continues to successfully position his companies and advise other corporate businesses on how to capitalize on emerging markets. Our world is no longer an island. We are interdependent and diversified. Successful businesses need to sustain awareness and momentum by expanding their presence in a global environment. MR offers practical techniques to gain that competitive advantage and capitalize on windows of opportunity through innovation.

Michael S. Robinson

Below is a brief description of Michael S. Robinson's involvements. For his biography Click Here


Michael S. Robinson, author of One Hundred Pennies, set out to tackle the problems small-business owners face. According to the Department of Commerc, for every one hundred pennies that make up the Gross Domestic Product of the U.S., almost sixty cents comes from small businesses. Michael simplifies the complex ideas underlying these facts by shedding light on just how valuable small businesses are in creating a healthy economy. His provocative book is changing the national conversation and influecing both government and business leaders across the country.


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