Made in America – Exported by YOU. How awesome is that?

February 19, 2014

Welcome to the Free Trade Agreements (FTA). Imagine walking through the streets of Beijing and seeing stores like Calvin Klein, Tiffany, Coach, Starbucks, McDonalds, and KFC. This is actually a very typical scenario in international markets. In today’s society, major U.S. companies are exporting more and more overseas to countries like China, and it isn’t just for tourist purposes. There is a high demand for U.S. products and services.  Companies like KFC and Pizza Hut have over 3,800 stores in China, and plan on expanding that number to an additional 200 by the end of 2013 – coming very close in size to the U.S.’s 5,300 stores. Free Trade Agreements are legally binding agreements meant to provide a means of exchange with fewer barriers so that trade can grow from division of labor, specialization of goods, and through competitive advantage­­. Free Trade Agreements protect and establish rules for a more secure trade. How can they benefit you?


It isn't unusual to see American companies in  shopping areas for locals, not just tourists, in places like Beijing.



  • The U.S. exports supports over 12 million jobs in America, and trade related jobs pay an average of 13 % to 16% higher wages than non-trade related jobs.

  • You can develop better products and keep prices lower while maintaining high quality in order to increase your market share.

  • Less corruption and more accountability since everything is regulated across the board.


How can you get involved with free trade? Tune in this Saturday at 10AM to the Michael S. Robinson show this on AM970 for the answers

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